Deploying the Future


About H2GO Canada.

H2GO Canada is a not-for-profit corporation focused on accelerating the development of a market for hydrogen as an alternative fuel and energy source.

The company launched in 2018 with Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP as legal counsel and PwC Canada as business and financial advisor. H2GO Canada is structured to catalyze and mobilize hydrogen supply and demand, raise awareness through education and facilitate market demonstration projects of hydrogen systems.

Through strategic leadership, it coordinates the roll-out of hydrogen systems to support society’s needs for low-carbon heat, power and mobility. This approach will help to ensure optimal use of the network while maximizing support for economic development, clean air and climate change mitigation initiatives that benefit all Canadians.


Our Story.

Born out of an initiative to drive broad-based support for fuel cell electric passenger vehicles, the leadership of H2GO Canada saw an enormous opportunity beyond transportation for hydrogen to play a key role in furthering Canada’s economic development, decarbonization and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that achieve climate change targets.

Hydrogen is a scalable, storable and transportable energy carrier, capable of being captured through a variety of low-and zero-emissions processes.

Beyond light-, medium-and heavy-duty transportation applications, hydrogen technology presents a viable, ultra-clean pathway for residential, commercial and industrial heating as well as electrical load leveling, power generation and energy storage. Fuel cell electric powertrains as well as hydrogen production and storage technologies are mature, reliable and capable.

The successful scale-up of hydrogen systems faces unique barriers and challenges, which often differ from those facing other clean fuel options. However, the opportunities are equally substantial and H2GO Canada is positioned to serve as a catalyst toward market adoption.


Our Approach.


H2GO Canada is conceived as a collaborative, partnership-building entity; a strategic conduit that brings together public and private sector talent and resources.

By combining research, experience and policy frameworks from international first-movers with home-grown ingenuity, capability and expertise from leading Canadian organizations, H2GO Canada is working to realize a future for hydrogen in a way that not only avoids now-known pitfalls but fully capitalizes on areas ready-made for adoption.

H2GO Canada