The Team.


Daniel Brock


Dan Brock is the Chair of the Government Relations & Strategy practice group at the Toronto office of international law firm Fasken. Dan provides clients with critical insights into government policy development, and political decision-making.

Specializing in advisory services, policy analysis, strategic planning, political intelligence gathering and lobbying, Dan is a leading figure in Canadian government relations. He has held several senior advisory positions with federal Ministers, including to the Justice Minister, Attorney General, Minister of Finance, and Deputy Prime Minister, and has worked as Senior Communications Advisor to the Minister of the Environment.


Bob Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

Working at the intersection of innovative vehicle technology and public policy, Bob specializes in assisting private companies, government and not-for-profit institutions advance practical solutions for decarbonizing transportation energy use. While serving as Pollution Probe’s transportation program manager and later its CEO, Bob led the production of the organization’s influential body of published research on advanced vehicles and fuels.

Bob has served on numerous committees and advisory groups, including the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s Advisory Group on North American integrated sustainable freight transportation strategy, the Steering Committee of the Canadian Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap, the Ontario Energy Board Chair’s Advisory Roundtable, the National Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency, and Metrolinx’s New Mobility Thought Leader Panel.

Bob is a professional engineer and lives in Toronto.


Ry Smith

Lead Engineer and Chief Technology Officer

Ry Smith brings together over 25 years of comprehensive expertise in projects that develop and implement CNG, LNG, and hydrogen fuelling opportunities and solutions.

With practical knowledge and experience gained from over 100 High Pressure Gas Vehicle refuelling station projects around the world, he is familiar with all factors and requirements that come into play to provide cost-effective alternative vehicle refuelling and integrated energy networks that deliver the objectives of fleet operators.

Ry was responsible for the design, engineering and project management of many of the earliest NGV and H2 vehicle refuelling stations and is the recipient of NRCan’s Michael Grant Technology Award for advancements in CNG station design. Ry’s experience also includes five years as the Director of the federal/provincial government’s “Hydrogen Village” demonstration program.


Chad Heard

Head of Communications

Chad Heard is an independent consultant that specializes in helping organizations amplify their launch communications.

With a skill set crafted over approximately 20 years working in both agency and corporate environments, Chad specializes in written communications, media relations, corporate communications, social media strategy and multi-channel integration. He has supported or led the strategic and day-to-day operations of public relations and external communications functions at three major automotive brands as well as a provincial electrical utility.


Aniket Bhatt

Director of Research

Aniket Bhatt is currently an incoming law student at the University of Ottawa. He completed his undergraduate studies at Wetstern University.

Previously, Aniket supported international law firm Fasken with two work placement terms performing important research. During the school year, Aniket is very active in student government. He also served as an advisor to the President of the University on key student policy issues. Having volunteered on several local and national political campaigns, Aniket is a strong believer in advocacy. He has served as the Chairman of The Cognitive Network, an advocacy group dedicated towards furthering Alzheimer’s research.